Executive Search

Search is an effective way of sourcing the most appropriate individual under strict time lines and in a confidential manner. This methodology is often employed when the target candidate population is small and the position requires a particular and specialised skillset.
Retaining Heath & Ford gives the client exclusive consultant and research teams. The team will focus solely on the clients mandate and work to agreed client time lines to find the right person for the role.
Weekly updates are a key part of this solution and not only give the client comfort that the targeted market has been contacted but also provide valuable insight to where their opportunity is positioned.

Contingency Search

Heath & Ford take a unique approach to recruitment on a contingency basis. Our consultants headhunt and map their specific markets on a daily basis and employ the same methodology as they would to retained assignments. This means that every person suitable for an opportunity is approached irrespective of their current circumstance. This allows Heath & Ford to always find the best individual for a role and not simply rely on candidates who are actively seeking new employment and may be looking at a number of different opportunities.

Advertised Search

An excellent publicity tool when a client of ours is looking to promote expansion or is new to the Australian market is to use advertised search. We have relationships with a number of specific publications that are widely read within the Financial Services world.